International Alliances

Foreign Products

Update : Oct. 31, 2008


As the globalization of stock exchanges continues, the TSE will strive to compete with overseas markets. While supporting stable growth in the Japanese economy, we will offer a variety of products to attract global risk money.

Foreign Stocks

The TSE boasts a variety of unique listings from Europe, the U.S., and Asia. As the premier Asian exchange, we have listings of first-class companies throughout the world.


In an effort to expand our product line up, we established a listing system for foreign ETFs in November 2007. Then, soon after on November 19, we listed our first foreign ETF, the Korean KODEX200 . Our second foreign listing came on April 11, 2008 with the Chinese A Share "Panda" Index Fund CSI300, and the third was on July 18, 2008 with the NEXT FUNDS Brazilian Ibovespa Linked Exchange Traded Fund. The TSE is committed to continuing to expand its ETF offerings to meet investors needs.

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