Efforts in Crisis Management

Contingency Plan

Update : Mar. 23, 2014


Tokyo Stock Exchange has formulated the contingency plan outlined below in order to clarify the method of response to events such as system malfunctions.

Contingency Plan for Trading on the TSE Market (Formulated on July 19, 1999)

Tokyo Stock Exchange is operated daily utilizing various systems such as those for trading or market information, as well as infrastructure provided by outside sources such as the Bank of Japan, the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation, and the Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc.
TSE has compiled methods for response for trading in the event a malfunction occurs in these systems or infrastructure.
This plan is a revision of the Contingency Plan for Y2K formulated during the time for creating countermeasures for the Y2K problem, and was a technical change accompanying developments such as the transfer of clearing duties to the Japan Securities Clearing Corporation. The fundamental paradigm, however, has not changed.

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