Trading Participants

Disciplinary Actions

Update : Sep. 24, 2014


We require trading participants to comply with laws and regulations, and impose a penalty such as fine on trading participants that violated the laws and regulations.

Click on the date to see a more detailed description of the disciplinary action for each case (also available in our 'News' section) .

Date Trading Participant Violation Disciplinary Action  
September 24, 2014 Bansei Securities Co.,Ltd. Violation of just and equitable principles of transactions Censure PDF
September 24, 2014 Musashi Securities Co., Ltd. Act of conducting a series of Sales and Purchase therefor that would cause fluctuations in prices of Listed Financial Instruments, etc. in a Financial Instruments Exchange Market for the purpose of inducing sales and purchase of Market Transactions of Derivatives Censure PDF
February 27, 2014 SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. A situation deemed to be lacking in necessary and appropriate measures for prevention of unfair trading in relation to corporate information Fine of JPY 10 million PDF
February 21, 2013 SANKO SECURITIES Co.Ltd. Act of conducting purchases, etc. of listed securities with the aim of causing fluctuations in prices of such listed securities, Fine of JPY 12 million PDF
October 31, 2012 Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. Not having measures necessary and proper for preventing unfair trading related to management of corporate information, and soliciting customers with the provision of corporate information. Fine of JPY 200 million PDF
September 18, 2012 TAKAGI SECURITIES CO., LTD. Conditions deemed lacking in necessary and appropriate measures for prevention of unfair trading in relation to management of corporate information. Fine of JPY 5 million PDF
August 29, 2012 livestar Securities Co., Ltd. The administration of the electronic data processing system pertaining to financial instruments business, etc. was deemed to be inadequate. Fine of JPY 3 million PDF
August 7, 2012 SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. Business operation which lacks the necessary and appropriate measures to prevent unfair trading with respect to the management of corporate information, as well as inappropriate solicitation which includes acts in violation of laws and regulations Fine of JPY 80 million PDF

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