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June 2008

Update : Jun. 25, 2008


1.Annual General Shareholders Meeting

Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. convened its first Annual General Shareholders Meeting at the TSE Hall on the second floor of the TSE building, at 10 a.m. on Friday, June 20, 2008. The agenda on the selection of directors was approved by a majority in its original form with a total of 112 shareholders and 2,172,740 voting rights including shareholders who exercised their voting rights in writing or via the Internet.

The agenda on the selection of directors having executive positions, etc. was approved in its original form at the board of directors meeting held after said shareholders meeting.

2.Setting up of the Compliance Learning Center by Tokyo Stock Exchange Regulation

Tokyo Stock Exchange Regulation (TSER) has set up a Compliance Learning Center.

This center is known as the "TSE COMLEC" and was set up within the TSER compliance unit. The purpose of this center is to conduct various activities designed to help prevent violations committed by market- related parties such as listed companies and trading participants.

Up until now, through the TSE Academy, the main target of the TSE group's efforts to improve financial literacy has been individual investors. However, the TSE COMLEC will provide a variety of training services focusing on compliance-related programs for listed companies and trading participants.

The TSE COMLEC will feature various services based on experience and knowledge that TSER has acquired through its operations. Such services include holding compliance-related seminars, providing e-learning training services, publicizing periodicals, and dispatching lectures for in-house training. TSER hopes that in particular listed companies and trading participants will make use of these services to strengthen their compliance functions.

TSER launched the "Introductory Guide to Insider Trading Regulations" at the end of 2007 as an e-learning training service, and approximately 100,000 people have already used this service. In addition, TSER will launch the "Advanced Course in Insider Trading Regulations" in July 2008 and anticipates that many people will also utilize this service as well.

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