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June 2010

Update : Jun. 25, 2010


June 2010

1. Annual General Shareholders Meeting

Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. convened its third Annual General Shareholders Meeting at the TSE Hall of the TSE building, at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 22, 2010. The meeting was held with the presence of a total of 104 shareholders holding 2,143,740 voting rights, including shareholders who exercised their voting rights in writing or via electromagnetic means. The agenda on the selection of directors was approved by a majority as proposed.

The agenda on the selection of directors having executive positions, etc. was approved as proposed at the board of directors meeting held after said shareholders meeting.

2. Increased Frequency of Distribution for TOPIX, etc.

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) will increase the frequency of distribution for TOPIX and other indices, and additionally, launch a new High-Speed Index Dissemination Service.

Specifically, TSE will trim the frequency of distribution to 1 second from September 13, 2010 for TOPIX, TOPIX30, and other indices that are currently calculated and disseminated every 15 seconds.

TSE introduced a co-location service in May 2009 and launched the next-generation trading system "arrowhead" on January 4, 2010, which has enabled TSE to develop an environment for high-speed trading. TSE will provide this service to distribute the indices that it calculates at high-speeds, in an effort to further take advantage of the high speed of arrowhead and to enhance the convenience of the co-location service.

The High-Speed Index Dissemination Service is aimed at calculating and distributing the target indices at the millisecond level (1 millisecond is 1/1000th of a second), whenever a change in prices to be used in such indices occurs. Additionally, indices will be calculated and disseminated utilizing not only execution prices but also best bid and offer quotes. These factors combine to place the new service on the leading-edge..

This service is scheduled to be launched in February 2011.

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3. Provision of "TSE Proximity Service"

TSE announced that it will provide a new proximity service ("TSE Proximity Service" or "TSE Prox") at an access point in addition to the co-location service introduced in May 2009.

As with the co-location service, TSE Prox provides space per rack to market-related parties at the arrownet access point in Ikebukuro, which is a backbone ring network, and allows them to set up servers, etc. to conduct trading and receive market information.

In designing the service, TSE placed emphasis on connectivity to other Japanese and Asian markets, etc. TSE Prox will be available to trading participants as well as information vendors and other market-related parties. This will facilitate order placement to and information reception from several markets. TSE hopes to position this service as a hub for the Asian markets.

TSE will finalize the details of the service and publicize a service guideline in early August 2010.

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