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January 2011

Update : Feb. 03, 2011


January 2011

1. 3rd Quarter Financial Results for FY ending March 2011

In the consolidated financial results for the nine months ended December 2010, operating profit was down 19.3% to JPY 9.61 billion, ordinary profit was down 20.5% to JPY 11.33 billion, and net income for the quarter was up to JPY 6.89 billion.

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2. Listing of ETNs Issued by Financial Institutions

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) has been promoting the diversification of listing products including ETFs from the viewpoint of increasing user convenience. In line with these efforts, TSE will develop the listing rules and frameworks for ETNs (Exchange Traded Notes). Many overseas exchanges have developed listing rules for ETNs which are considered the next exchange-traded product after ETFs, and such securities are being actively traded on these exchanges.

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3. Start of Individual Equity Options Trading by Online Securities Companies

Four online securities companies announced that they would participate in the TSE derivatives market and begin individual equity options trading for individual investors. This is the first time for online securities companies in Japan to start such a service for individual investors. The four companies are Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (which is scheduled to begin such trading in March), Securities Co., Ltd. (in April), SBI SECURITIES Co., Ltd. (in June), and OKASAN ONLINE SECURITIES (in June).

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4. Expansion of the Number of Strike Prices for Options on JGB Futures

TSE will revise the trading rules by the first half of FY2011, including changes such as the expansion of the number of strike prices for options on JGB futures, to respond to a wide variety of investor needs for trading of such options.

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<<Press Conference>>

For notes from the press conference (by Mr.Atsushi Saito, President & CEO, Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc., on January 28th, 2011), please refer to the following PDF.

Press Conference Notes for January 2011 PDF

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