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June 2011

Update : Jul. 04, 2011


June 2011

1. TOKYO AIM Announced Listing Application by Mebiopharm Co., Ltd.

TOKYO AIM, a subsidiary of Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. (TSE Group), received an application for initial listing from Mebiopharm Co., Ltd. on June 10, 2011.
On the same day, TOKYO AIM appointed Phillip Securities Japan, Ltd. (Head office: 4-2 Nihombashi, Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Representative Director: Hitoshi Shimoyama) as a "J-Nomad" (Japanese Nominated Advisor).

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2. Annual General Shareholders Meeting

TSE Group held its fourth Annual General Shareholders Meeting on June 21, 2011. A total of 102 shareholders exercised 2,153,740 voting rights, including voting rights exercised in writing or via electromagnetic means. The agenda on the election of directors was approved in its original form by a shareholder majority.

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3. Increasing Analyst Coverage for Mothers-Listed Companies

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) will co-sponsor "The Stock Research Center" to increase analyst coverage for Mothers-listed companies. This center was established as a neutral body which a) independently selects listed emerging companies, etc. for which analyst reports are not prepared and b) prepares and publicizes objective reports for such companies.

TSE will enhance the dissemination of information on Mothers-listed companies for investors by providing assistance for the center's activities.

4. Determination of Trading Hour Revision Implementation Date

TSE has decided that the partial revisions to trading hours will be implemented on November 21, 2011 (Mon.). TSE had announced that it will postpone such revisions to Autumn 2011 as part of power-saving measures in the securities industry in consideration of the adverse effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

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5. Introduction of Daylight Savings Time

TSE Group has decided to introduce daylight savings time on July 1, 2011 as part of its power-saving efforts for the expected power shortage this summer due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. It is one of the power-saving measures taken by TSE Group as part of the government's "power-saving measures this summer". This measure involves moving up business hours by one hour to reduce power usage for air conditioners and lighting (Note).

We ask for your kind understanding on this matter for our power-saving efforts.

Trading hours and business hours of some departments will remain unchanged.

■ Implementation Period: July 1, 2011 (Fri.) to September 30, 2011 (Fri.)

■ Business Hours: 7:45 to 15:45(During daylight savings time)

<<Press Conference>>

For notes from the press conference (by Mr.Atsushi Saito, President & CEO, Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc., on June 21st, 2011), please refer to the following PDF.

Press Conference Notes for June 2011 PDF

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