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Update : Aug. 08, 2011


July 2011

1. 1st Quarter Financial Results for FY Ending March 2012

In the consolidated financial results for three months ended June 30 2011, operating profit was down 36% to JPY 2.1 billion, ordinary profit was down 33.8% to JPY 2.6 billion, and net income for the quarter was down 38.9% to JPY 1.4 billion from the same period of the previous year.

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2. Mebiopharm Co., Ltd. Listed on TOKYO AIM

On July 14, 2011, Mebiopharm Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo. CEO: Tadashi Fujisawa) listed on TOKYO AIM, a subsidiary of Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. (TSE Group).

It is the first company to list on TOKYO AIM.

TOKYO AIM will continue to work closely with nominated advisors (J-Nomads) to attract Japanese and international companies with high growth potential from various sectors and provide professional investors with new investment opportunities.

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3. Launch of CDS Clearing Services by Japan Securities Clearing Corporation

Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC), a subsidiary of TSE Group, began clearing services for CDS on July 19, 2011, becoming the first financial instruments clearing organization to offer such services in Japan.

This will allow JSCC to expand its range of services from exchange transactions focused on equities to the new field of OTC derivatives trading.

TSE Group will continue to discuss further enhancement of clearing services, such as handling of clearing operations for interest-rate swap trading.

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4. Calculation and Publication of a New "Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Core Index"

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) will begin calculating and publicizing the "Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Core Index", a new index composed of leading issues in the Mothers market, in Autumn 2011.

The constituent issues are Mothers-listed domestic stocks selected by TSE based on factors including market capitalization, trading value, and financial statistics.

The index will be disseminated to securities companies, information vendors, and others via the Market Information System on a real time basis (every 15 seconds).

TSE will continue to make efforts to meet the various needs for stock price indices.

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5. Launch of TSE Data Download Service

On July 25, 2011, TSE launched a new dedicated web service, the "TSE Data Download Service". This service allows customers to purchase stock prices for TSE-listed products, as well as index information and market statistics online.

This service allows payment by credit card, and certain data can be downloaded immediately upon payment.

In addition, TSE introduced a new fee structure for individuals in connection with the launch of the data download service.

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6. Publication of "Tokyo Stock Exchange Rulebook" and "TSE Timely Disclosure Guidebook (June 2011 Edition)" (Japanese Version)

TSE published "Tokyo Stock Exchange Rulebook" and "TSE Timely Disclosure Guidebook (June 2011 Edition)" (Japanese Version).

The rulebook is a compilation of TSE's Articles of Incorporation, Business Regulations, Brokerage Agreement Standards, and other rules and regulations. The guidebook is a listed company's manual for timely disclosure, which includes handling of timely disclosure cases, procedures for timely disclosure, Q&A, and an outline of related listing rules and regulations.

Both publications are available on the TOKYO-KANSHO-FUKYU website (mail order), at the company store on the first floor of the TSE main building, major bookstores in Japan, or leading online bookstores.

* The rulebook is already on sale, but the guidebook will be available on August 1, 2011 (Thu.).

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