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Update : Jan. 28, 2013



Date Press Conference Items Notes of Media Briefing
Dec. 18 1. Forecast of Consolidated Financial Results of Japan Exchange Group, Inc. for the FY ending March 31, 2013
2. Looking back at 2012

Online presentation
Nov. 20 1. Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
2. Corporate Value Improvement Award

Online presentation
Oct. 29 1. Toward Establishing Japan Exchange Group, Inc.
2. Financial Results for the 2nd quarter of FY ending March 2013

Online presentation
Sep. 25 1. IPO Trends PDF
Jul. 27 1. 1st Quarter Financial Results for Fiscal Year ending March 2013
2. Revision to Cabinet Office Ordinance Concerning Calculation Method of Customer Margin for Margin Trading, etc.
Jun. 19 1. 5th Annual General Shareholders Meeting
2. TSE's Efforts to Revitalize the Japanese Stock Market
May 15 1.JOBS Act
2.TSE's efforts to revitalize the Japanese stock market
Apr. 27 1. Financial Results for FY ended March 2012
2. Nomination of Candidates for New Executive Officers
3. Increase in Analyst Coverage Ratio for Mothers-listed Companies
4. First Bond Listed on Tokyo PRO-BOND Market
Mar. 27 1. Development of Business Plan for FY2012
2. TSE Group to Integrate "TOKYO AIM"
3. New Listing of J-REIT
Feb. 28 1.Failure in the Equity Trading System
2.Revisions to Listing Rules Regarding Corporate Governance to Restore Confidence in the Securities Market
Jan. 31 1. 3rd Quarter Financial Results for Fiscal Year Ending March 2012
2. Development of Listing Rules and Frameworks to Increase Confidence in and Further Invigorate the ETP market, etc. in light of Global Trend
3. Corporate Governance Initiatives toward Restoring Confidence in the Securities Market
Jan. 20 Notes of Media Briefing by Mr. Makoto Minoguchi, Standing Governor, Tokyo Stock Exchange Regulation regarding the results of the delisting examination conducted in relation to Olympus's stock PDF

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