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This page features content targeted at individual investors.
From basic information about securities products to explanations of the trading structure, this page is aimed to deepen your understanding of the TSE market.

Listed Company Information

This page provides a wide range of information regarding listed companies.

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Listed Company Search

Search for basic information, disclosure documents, stock price information, and more.


Company Announcements Service

Offers English translations, prepared by TSE-listed companies, of material information for investment decisions.


Market Information

This page provides information regarding market conditions, stock price indices, statistics, and pay-information.

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Fact Book

TSE's Fact Book is an invaluable annual resource summarizing various statistics of the exchange.

Investment Trends by Investor Category

Trading conditions by investor category (individual, foreigner, securities company, etc.) and overseas investor trends divided by region.


A variety of data such as trading volume/value, monthly statistics report, PER/PBR and more

Index Report

The index report contains useful data such as weekly and montly closing prices, comparisons, and more.

Historical Data Services

Open/High/Low/Close prices, index data and other historical data available for purchase online

About TSE

This page provides a guide to basic information regarding TSE, visiting the exchange, and more.

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An overview of exchange holidays for each year.


This page provides a wide range of information, including trading rules for various products.

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Trading Methodology for Cash Market

Auction trading method, tick size, daily price limit and other details are available.

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