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This page features content targeted at institutional investors. A wide range of topics is covered, from market information and listed company information to information regarding systems, services and regulations.

Measures to Support Recovery of Earthquake Affected Corporations and Regions

On April 15, 2011, TSE announced measures to support recovery and corporations affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Please refer to the following news release, which includes information on measures for initial listing.

TSE Measures to Support Recovery of Corporations and Regions Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake (News: April 15, 2011)

Market Information

This page includes information regarding the market conditions of TSE-listed issues, stock price indices, statistical data and information pay-services.

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Listed Company Information

This page contains various information on listed comapnies and information for companies interested in listing.

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Listed Company Search

Search for basic information, timely disclosure releases, and stock prices of TSE-listed companies


Company Announcements Service

Offers English Translations, prepared by TSE-listed companies, of material information for investment decisions.


Listed Products Spotlight

An introduction to ETFs/ETNs and REITs.


System Information

This page contains an overall view of TSE systems, outlines of the systems for each product, network services and more.

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Rules & Regulations

This page contains information on TSE rules.


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