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This page contains explanations of various rules, forms for submission and other useful contents for listed companies.

About TSE

Basic information about TSE, access to TSE, and visiting TSE Arrows.

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Listed Company Information

Various information related to listed companies such as new listings, section transfers and list of issues in a grace period.

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TSE's articles of incorporation, as well as TSE rules and regulations including listing regulations and guidelines concerning listed company compliance

Criteria for Delisting

Number of tradable shares (share distribution) and other delisting criteria

Company Search

Search for basic information, timely disclosure releases, and stock prices of TSE-listed companies


Company Announcements Service

Offers English translations, prepared by TSE-listed companies, of material information for investment decisions.

Improvements to TSE Listing System

Introduces TSE's initiatives to improve the listing system including surveys, reports, and action plans

Enhancing the Corporate Governance of Listed Companies

Reports on corporate governance by listed companies and other information


A document format which offers great benefits to both listed companies in preparing financial reports and investors in analyzing and relaying financial information

Listed Company Awards

Awards for companies adopting exceptional disclosure practices and corporate activities reaffirming the Code of Corporate Conduct

Electronic Voting Platform

Overview of the platform for exercising voting rights electronically


Overviews of FASF (Financial Accounting Standards Foundation) and ASBJ (Accounting Standards Board of Japan)

Other Information

Market Information

Other Information

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