Corporate Activity Award

Corporate Activity Award

Update : Apr. 11, 2014


Corporate Activity Award

(Ⅰ) Overview

(1) Purpose To spread and promote corporate activities deemed desirable by TSE in its position as a market operator
(2) Eligibility Companies eligible for this award are, out of those which already employ the Code of Corporate Conduct included in TSE’s listing rules or which have a high likelihood of employing the Code in the future, those which engage in corporate activity deemed to contribute to the fulfillment and enrichment of the TSE Code of Corporate Conduct, such as by leading new trends through influencing the corporate activities of other companies by pioneering corporate practices.
(3) Selection All domestic listed companies are eligible for selection
(4) Period Once a year
(5) Merits Promotion of proactive responses from listed companies by announcing the theme of the award in advance

(Ⅱ)5th Corporate Activity Award Companies (FY2013)

Criteria: Pro-active Initiatives toward the Adoption of IFRS

※in order of code numbers

Company Name Code Market Section Industry
JAPAN TOBACCO INC. 2914 1st Section Foods
NIHON DEMPA KOGYO CO.,LTD. 6779 1st Section Electric Appliances
HOYA CORPORATION 7741 1st Section Precision Instruments
SUMITOMO CORPORATION 8053 1st Section Wholesale Trade
Appraisal Point

The winners are listed companies that engage in corporate activities which contribute to fulfilling the Code of Corporate Conduct by pro-actively expressing opinions and sharing information on IFRS adoption, and thereby serving as an example for other companies. The winners were selected from companies who have voluntarily adopted IFRS.

(Ⅲ) Theme for 6th Corporate Activity Awards (FY2014)

The theme for the FY2014 Corporate Activity Awards is as follows.
"Initiatives to Empower Women in the Workplace"

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