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Corporate Value Improvement Award

Update : Jan. 07, 2015


1. About the Corporate Value Improvement Award

(1) Overview

a. Purpose To spread and promote management aimed at improving corporate value deemed desirable by TSE in its position as a market operator
b. Eligibility Listed companies with high corporate value and management practices deemed to contribute to the appeal of the TSE market, such as by improving corporate value through initiatives which consider capital cost and other investor concerns
c. Selection All domestic listed companies are eligible for selection
d. Awards 1 company, finalists are announced
e. Period Once a year

2. 3rd Corporate Value Improvement Award Companies (FY2014)

Grand Prix

OMRON Corporation was awarded the Grand Prix for FY2014.

OMRON Corporation (6645 : 1st Section)

OMRON Corporation logo

Company Profile

OMRON Corporation is a global leader in the field of automation based on its core technology of sensing and control. Omron conducts businesses in growing fields including industrial automation, electronic and mechanical components, automotive electronic components, social systems, solutions and service, healthcare and environmental solutions, in more than 110 countries. Under its core value “Working for the benefit of society”, Omron contributes to sustainable growth of the global society by addressing many issues facing people around the world through our innovations.

Excellence Award

The following three companies received the Excellence Award in recognition of the actual implementation of outstanding management efforts toward enhancing corporate value.

TOTO LTD. (5332 : 1st Section)

TOTO LTD. logo

Company Profile

TOTO LTD., a leading plumbing products manufacturer in housing equipment industry, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2017. The company focuses on the housing renovation market in Japan while expanding its business abroad, and strives to be a great company trusted by people around the world and contributing to the betterment of society. Embracing the strong conviction espoused by its founder to improve the lifestyle and culture of people, and to provide a healthy and civilized way of life, TOTO continues to provide customers across the world with environmentally-friendly products supported by its sophisticated technology.

PIGEON CORPORATION (7956 : 1st Section)


Company Profile

Reflecting its corporate philosophy, “Love” Pigeon is committed to supporting the lives of all people — while pregnant, approaching childbirth, and when raising children — as well as the elderly, through the provision of products and services.
For half a century, we have conducted in-depth research into babies’ breastfeeding patterns and early childhood development and persistently developed and improved products arising from such research.
Accordingly, Pigeon enhances its global brand in North America, Europe, China, Japan and other Asian countries in its aim to achieve the "Global Number One" baby product manufacturer most trusted by the world’s babies and families.

TOKYO GAS CO.,LTD. (9531 : 1st Section)


Company Profile

Tokyo Gas is the largest city gas company in Japan whose business centers on the provision of gas services in the Tokyo metropolitan and surrounding areas. In the course of 130 years since its establishment, the company has built a solid business base in the Tokyo metropolitan area, extending its services along its distribution pipeline network over 60,000km to serve more than 11 million customers today.
Consolidating its bases on gas business in the Kanto region, Tokyo Gas will expand power and overseas business to transform itself into a total energy provider, and seek globalization to further raise its corporate value.

3. Selection Process and Appraisal Points

(1) Selection Process

[Note] The FY2014 selection process has been partially changed. The main change involves the inclusion of a simple questionnaire on awareness of capital cost and other matters (② in the above chart).

(2) Viewpoints for Selection of Finalists

Viewpoints for Selection of Finalists PDF

4. Reason for Selection

OMRON Corporation, TOTO LTD., PIGEON CORPORATION, and TOKYO GAS CO., LTD. all engaged in high levels of management toward improving corporate value, which was aimed at creating value that exceeds capital costs.
Among the winners, the Committee recognized the outstanding level of management initiatives implemented to improve corporate value at OMRON Corporation in its efforts to position ROIC (return on invested capital) as an important management benchmark for capital efficiency and other initiatives to enhance ROIC throughout the organization.

5. Past Winners

Click here for past award winners.

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