Listed Company Awards

Listed Company Award Outline

Update : Oct. 03, 2013


1. Listed Company Award Outline

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) is working to revise the listing rules and promote better business practices. As part of these efforts, TSE created the Listed Company Award System, with the aim of encouraging proactive measures on the part of listed companies.

The Corporate Value Improvement Award recognizes the content and quality of corporate initiatives while the Corporate Activity Award acknowledges external and formal aspects with regard to TSE's code of corporate conduct. The scopes of the awards are as follows.

Corporate Value Improvement Award Recognizes efforts and initiatives by listed companies to incorporate investor concerns into management practices aimed at enhancing corporate value (established 2012)
Corporate Activity Award Recognizes corporate activity that serves to fulfill and enrich the TSE Code of Corporate Conduct

2. Selection Method

Selection will be performed by a committee of experts.

 Chairman   Kunio Ito (Professor, Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School of Commerce and Management)
 Member    Atsuto Sawakami (Chairman and Founder, Sawakami Asset Management, Inc.)
 Member    Scott Callon (Chief Executive Officer and Partner, Ichigo Asset Management, Ltd.)

3. Backers

The following groups are supporters of the Listed Company Awards.
Japan Investor Relations Association, The Securities Analysts Association of Japan, Japan Securities Dealers Association, Japan Investment Advisers Association, Japan Venture Capital Association, Nikkei, Inc.

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