Guide to Using the Company Announcements Service

Update : Oct. 03, 2011


This page contains description on the screens shown in the service website.

Browsing Screen

Clicking on a "Title" will open the corresponding information release in your PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Reader).

Search period
You can narrow down the information list by announcement date.

"Advanced Search" button
Enter keywords such as "Code", "Name", "Sector", or "Title" in the "Search Condition" field and click the button to begin your search.

"Exit" button
This button closes the window.

Notes on Searching

  • The search differentiates between single and double-byte alphanumeric characters.
    • When searching by issue code, please use single-byte numerals.
    • If the search was not successful, please use both single and double-byte characters.
  • The search is not case-sensitive.
  • If there was a change in the company name, material published under the previous name will also be included in the search.

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