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Update : Nov. 25, 2011


Overview of Company Announcements Distribution Service in English

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) began a "Company Announcements Distribution Service in English" on July 8, 2011, for the purpose of strengthening communications between listed companies and overseas investors. This service offers overseas investors easy access to information, which is prepared in English by the listed companies themselves and then registered with TDnet, via the media and information vendors. The service is currently being used by a number of listed companies.

To enhance the service, TSE began posting such company information for browsing on the TSE English website from October 3, 2011

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Content of Announcements

The service will provide English announcements by TSE-listed companies on material information for investment decisions.

(Note) Information on the service website contains English translations, prepared by listed companies, of content in announcements available in the "Timely Disclosure Browsing Service" (Japanese) and does not cover all the content available in the "Timely Disclosure Browsing Service" provided in Japanese. In addition, in comparison with the "Timely Disclosure Browsing Service", postings may be made in forms such as extracts and delayed releases.

Information is published in PDF format. Click the titles to view the PDF documents.

(*) About the "Company Search" website

Other than the "Company Announcements Service", TSE also offers a "Company Search" for TSE-listed companies through which investors can access timely disclosure releases (Japanese) in the past year, annual financial statements in the past five years, and other basic information on each company.

Company Search

(Note) Disclosure releases available through the "Company Search" website are, as a general rule, updated during the night on every business day. For disclosure releases during the day, please use the "Company Announcements Disclosure Service" (Japanese).

Timing of Updates

Information from companies will be published at same time as it is disclosed. (To view the latest information on the page being shown, click your browser's "Refresh" button.)

Publication Period

Information is available for a period of 31 days (including the date of disclosure, weekends, and holidays).

Browsing Method

The service is equipped with a keyword search feature. For details, please click the link below.

Guide to Using the "Company Announcements Service"

Modifications to Previously Released Information

Corrections in Title

If there is an error in the title of an existing information release, the erroneous part will be indicated in green in the browsing list, and the incorrect title will be shown in strikeout. In the "Update History" column, the date and time of the correction will be indicated.

Removal of Information

If an existing information release is to be removed for some reason, the release will be indicated in red, and the disclosure material (PDF document) will not be accessible. In the "Update History" column, the date and time of the removal will be indicated.

Minimum Operating Environment

OS Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0 SP2 or later
Internet Explorer 7.0
Internet Explorer 8.0
Internet Explorer 9.0
PDF viewer Adobe Reader 9.0
Other SSL3 and JavaScript enabled

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