New Listings

Features companies to be listed on the TSE market

Section Transfers

Companies whose section or listed market are subject to change

Designation of Securities Under Supervision & Securities to be Delisted

Designated securities and details on such designations

List of Issues in a Grace Period

Issues currently in a grace period listed by reason

Announcements of Issues Entering a Grace Period

List of issues entering a grace period

List of Scheduled Dates of Annual General Shareholders Meetings

For companies whose fiscal years end in March

Company Search

Search for basic information, timely disclosure releases, and stock prices of TSE-listed companies


Company Announcements Service

Offers English translations, prepared by TSE-listed companies, of material information for investment decisions.


Search for Corporate Governance Information

Search for information on corporate governance of TSE-listed companies


Electronic Voting Platform

Overview of the platform for exercising voting rights electronically

Other Content in Listed Company Information

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