Securities on Alert

Designation Criteria

Update : Apr. 18, 2008


A listed stock will be designated as "on alert" when the listed company falls into both of the following categories.

  1. The possibility arises that the listed company may have been delisted for making a false statement, etc., but was not delisted because the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) conducted an examination and concluded that the statement, etc. had no material effect on the market.
  2. The TSE concludes that it is highly necessary for the company to improve its internal control system, etc.

After a stock has been designated as "on alert,"the company will be required to submit a written affirmation on the internal control system, etc. to the TSE every year. The "on alert" designation will be removed from the stock when the TSE concludes that there is no deficiency in the company's internal control system, etc. based on the written affirmation.

However, the company will be delisted if the TSE concludes that there are still deficiencies in its internal control system, etc. after the company submits the written affirmation on its internal control system three times.

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