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Trading Volume and Trading Value

  Trading Volume Trading Value
1st Section 112109 10 thous. shs. 1028232 mn. yen
2nd Section 7310 10 thous. shs. 23475 mn. yen
Mothers 2731.45 10 thous. shs. 68195 mn. yen
JASDAQ Standard 8362.96 10 thous. shs. 37381 mn. yen
JASDAQ Growth 495.09 10 thous. shs. 3134 mn. yen
ToSTNeT 5614.5 10 thous. shs. 52472 mn. yen
ETF 15341542 units 93816 mn. yen
REIT 43603 units 8619 mn. yen
Foreign Stocks 3487 100 shs. 16305 10 thous. yen

Stock Price Index

  Index Value Change
Level Percentage
TOPIX 1217.91 40.69 3.46%
Large-Sized 1158.19 40.12 3.59%
Medium-Sized 1387.44 43.79 3.26%
Small-Sized 2143.12 66.75 3.21%
2nd Section 3948.34 77.79 2.01%
Mothers 863.19 32.93 3.97%
JASDAQ INDEX 97.83 2.51 2.63%
REIT 1622.44 23.87 1.49%
TOPIX Composite 1539.86 51.42 3.45%
TOPIX Composite 1500 1538.74 51.45 3.46%
2nd Section Composite 2108.14 41.54 2.01%
Mothers Composite 2561.82 97.25 3.95%
JASDAQ-TOP20 4062.68 164.50 4.22%

Market Value

  Market Value Change
1st Section 437594.339 bil. yen 144997.09 100 mn. yen
2nd Section 5739.694 bil. yen 1067.66 100 mn. yen
Mothers 3067.84 bil. yen 1177.82 100 mn. yen
JASDAQ Standard 8613.646 bil. yen 2161.61 100 mn. yen
JASDAQ Growth 333.436 bil. yen 127.49 100 mn. yen
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