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Trading volume & value -  17:40

  Trading Volume Trading Value
1st Section Stocks 168103 10 thous. shs. 1581983 mn. yen
2nd Section Stocks 9940 10 thous. shs. 22288 mn. yen
Mothers 10247.91 10 thous. shs. 269991 mn. yen
JASDAQ Standard 21538.13 10 thous. shs. 105406 mn. yen
JASDAQ Growth 1992.49 10 thous. shs. 20929 mn. yen
ToSTNeT (Stocks) 19919.2 10 thous. shs. 219341 mn. yen
ETF 13521162 units 81337 mn. yen
REIT 108248 units 18903 mn. yen
Foreign Stocks 823 100 shs. 5983 10 thous. yen
Convertible Bonds 147 mn. yen 153 mn. yen
(Convertible Bonds)
0 mn. yen 0 mn. yen
Warrants 0 -
* Market data is renewed 2times/day (12:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (GMT +9)).
*Trading Volume and Trading Value of Government Bonds are showed on the Daily Report.

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