Monthly Statistics Report

Monthly Statistics Report - Apr. 2014 -

Update : Dec. 22, 2014


Details of items included in the report PDF
1 Key Statistics for Stocks * PDF
2 Stock Trading Volume & Value PDF
3 Stock Price Index & Average PDF
4 Number of Shares Listed & Market Capitalization by Industry Sector (As of the End of Month) * PDF
5 Dividend Yields PDF
7 Investment Trusts PDF
8 Bonds * PDF
9 Trading Volume & Value by Type of Investor (Equities) PDF
10 Trading Volume & Value by Type of Investor (Investment Trusts) PDF
11 Trading Volume & Value by Type of Investor (Convertible Bonds) PDF
12 Investments in Listed Stocks by Non-Residential Investors (by region) PDF
13 Margin Trading PDF
14 Increase and Decrease in Outstanding Shares * PDF
15 Corporate Performance PDF
16 All Stock Exchanges * PDF
17 Changes in Listed Companies and Issues, Etc.  PDF
18 Ex-New, Ex-Rights, Etc. PDF
19 Batch file to print all PDF files PDF
Batch file to download all PDF files(4.8MB) ZIP

For files that indicate an "*", the data has been partially revised since previously publicized. The revised parts are highlighted.

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