Program/Arbitrage Trading

Update : Jan. 26, 2015



Outline of Data/Definition of Terms, etc. PDF

Jan.26, 2015

Arbitrage Trading (Daily)

Jan.22 PDF Excel
Jan.21 PDF Excel
Jan.20 PDF Excel
Jan.19 PDF Excel
Jan.16 PDF Excel

Program Trading (Weekly)

Jan.13-Jan.16 PDF Excel
Jan.5-Jan.9 PDF Excel
Dec.29-Dec.30 PDF Excel
Dec.22-Dec.26 PDF Excel
Dec.15-Dec.19 PDF Excel

Date and time of release

Name of data Date Approximate release time
Arbitrage Trading (Daily) Every day (Data from 2 days before available) 3:30 p.m. (GMT +9)
<em>Program Trading (Weekly)</em> The third business day of every week 3:30 p.m. (GMT +9)

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