Trading Volume & Value

Update : Mar. 06, 2015


Statistics are usually posted by 1:00 p.m. on the 5th business day of the following month.

Trading Volume / Trading Value

Monthly trading volume and trading value information is available in each category from 1985 to the present, and yearly information is available from the establishment of the market to the present.

Stocks and Bonds (Feb. 2015) Excel
Investment Certificate (Feb. 2015) Excel
Futures and Options (Mar. 2014) Excel

Monthly Trading Value of Most Active Stocks(Domestic)

Monthly trading value of most active domestic stocks in the 1st section, 2nd section, Mothers and JASDAQ (Standard, Growth ) is available for the most recent 13 months.

Feb. 2015 PDF
Jan. 2015 PDF
Dec. 2014 PDF
Nov. 2014 PDF
Oct. 2014 PDF
Sep. 2014 PDF
Aug. 2014 PDF
Jul. 2014 PDF
Jun. 2014 PDF
May 2014 PDF
Apr. 2014 PDF
Mar. 2014 PDF
Feb. 2014 PDF

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