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Update : Oct. 20, 2014


Historical stock price information for TSE-listed companies as well as index and other information is available through the historical data service.

1. Summary of Historical Data Service

Historical data can be purchased through the dedicated data download portal (the TSE Data Download Service).
[TSE Data Download Service]
TSE Data Download Service

Minimum data period available for purchase is one month.

If a TSE listed company wishes to receive open/high/low/close prices of its own stock and/or index that includes its own stock price, solely for the purpose of preparation for its IR documents, TSE shall provide such data without a fee after confirming the submission of the application form separately determined by TSE.

2. Data Specifications / Sample Data

Open/High/Low/Close Prices PDF
Tick Data(Old file:for the data before Jan 2006) PDF
Tick Data(New file:for the data from Feb 2006) PDF
Open/High/Low/Close of Index Data PDF
Closing Price of Index Data PDF
Monthly Close Price of Index Data PDF
Tick Data of Index Data PDF
Historical Data for Open Interest of Margin Transactions PDF

*Historical data for index constituents, number of index-included shares, and free-float weights are available as a paid service.Please inquire for further details.
*Former OSE stock data (until 2013/7/12) is also available. Please note that the sample data above may not be applied for former OSE data.

Please read the following guidelines when applying to purchase historical data:

Guideline of Usage of TSE Historical Data PDF


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