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Update : Mar. 04, 2015


Historical stock price information for TSE-listed companies as well as index and other information is available through the historical data service.

Summary of Historical Data Service

JPX Data Cloud has been opened!

JPX Group started JPX Data Cloud in February , 2015.
On this site, you can purchase market data such as historical stock quotes, derivatives market data, index / indicative NAV information, statistical information and corporate information.
You can download each file after paying fees for the data. Alternatively, there is also an option to pay a monthly flat fee and download files as many times as you like.
For more detail, please see the following URL.
Activation of JPX Data Cloud

[JPX Data Cloud]
JPX Data Cloud

If a TSE listed company wishes to receive open/high/low/close prices of its own stock and/or index that includes its own stock price, solely for the purpose of preparation for its IR documents, TSE shall provide such data without a fee after confirming the submission of the application form separately determined by TSE.


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