MAINS (MArket INformation System)

Distribution of Own Stock Price by Listed Companies, etc

Update : Mar. 24, 2014



While anyone who posts TSE market information on its website is required to pay a prescribed fee to TSE, but when a listed company displays its own stock price (20 minute delay※) acquired from an information vendor on its own website for IR purposes, the following discounted fees will apply.

※Listed companies will be allowed to display current prices on their own websites from January 1st, 2013.


  Monthly fee (Yen/excluding tax)
Applicant displays only its own stock price or the stock price of a group company* 30,000 yen


  • (*) The term "group company" denotes a company described as a parent company or consolidated subsidiary in the applicant's most recent Securities Report.
    Please note that the above amount is paid to TSE, and payment to the information vendor will be made separately.

Payment Method

TSE will send you an invoice around the sixth of each month and you are asked to transfer the relevant amount into the bank account stated on the invoice by the fifteenth of the following month.

* Please note:

  • You will be expected to cover the costs of any transfer fee or other charge incurred while making a payment to TSE.
  • You are advised to keep the bank transfer slip as a record of payment, since TSE will not issue a receipt.

Application procedure

Please contact the Information Services Department, which will send you the necessary documents.
Also, please contact information vendors directly for obtaining own stock price, since TSE does not provide the data directly. (Please note that TSE does not provide intermediation services or the like for information vendors.)


Information Services Dept.
Tel: +81-50-3377-7859

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