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TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network)

Update : Oct. 15, 2012


TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network) is a service that gathers timely disclosure releases of listed companies, etc. throughout Japan and disseminates this information to investors and other users in real-time.
Subscribers can obtain information in various ways depending on their purpose, for example, the TDnet Database Service allows subscribers to search disclosed information from the past five years based on various criteria via the Internet, while the TDnet Server-Based Service is a data feed service that delivers data via dedicated telecommunication lines. Since subscribers to all TDnet services can access earnings information and financial information in XBRL format, work such as the re-entry of data can be omitted.

1. TDnet Database Service

The TDnet Database Service allows subscribers to view information such as disclosed information of companies listed on all of Japan's stock exchanges and data from the Information Terrace section of TSE Arrows on PC via the Internet. Subscribers are free to use (view, print, save) timely disclosure documents of listed companies throughout Japan (earnings reports, business forecasts, dividend forecasts, etc.), annual reports submitted by companies applying for listing, and any other information contained in the database. Timely disclosure documents are available for viewing as soon as they are disclosed by listed companies. Other data can be viewed as soon as it is registered on the TDnet system. The database contains data for the past five years, which can be searched based on various criteria, such as date, company code or content.

Service fee Monthly contract fee: 35,000 yen (includes consumption tax and local consumption tax.)
Application method Complete the application form (Word document) below and send to the following address.
Applications and contact details Information Services Dept, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
2-1 Nihombashi-kabuto-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-8220
TEL: +81-50-3377-7831
e-mail :

2. TDnet Server-Based Service

Allows subscribers to access disclosure information in real-time.

The TDnetServer-Based Service provides subscribers with disclosure information in real-time (at the time of disclosure) via dedicated communication lines set up between the TSE's data center and the data centers of subscribers. The TDnet Server-Based Services differs from other TDnet services in that it allows subscribers to store disclosure information automatically in their own receiving servers.

Main uses

(1) Redistribution of information to third parties
Information obtained through the TDnet Server-Based Service can be redistributed to third parties. Main uses include the following.
[News agencies and information vendors] Providing timely disclosure information on their own websites or in their own products.
[Securities companies] Providing timely disclosure information as part of their online trading services.
[IR companies] Assisting listed companies in posting timely disclosure information on their websites.

(2) Use in trading operations
XBRL information and index information distributed in real-time can be fed into computers and used in online trading.

Coverage of Service Agreement

If you use the TDnet Server-Based Service in any of the ways shown below, you will be required to enter into a Service Agreement (even if you do not obtain information directly from TSE, you will still be required to enter into an agreement as an indirect user).
(1) If you connect to the TDnet Server-Based Service directly.
(2) If you redistribute timely disclosure information to other third parties.
(3) If you receive information (timely disclosure information, index information, XBRL information, etc.) via data feed within 20 minutes of timely disclosure from a vendor that has entered into a TDnet contract.

Distributed information
Disclosure information (1) Earnings information (Summary PDF, Full Text PDF, XBRL)
(2) Business forecast revisions, dividend forecasts, etc. (Full Text PDF, XBRL)
(3)Information besides the above concerning issuance of shares or warrants, share buybacks and PR information (Full Text PDF)
Index information Disclosure date, disclosure time, stock code, new securities code, title, stock exchange code, data category, disclosed data file type, disclosed data file size, etc.
Service Fee
Initial cost 200,000 yen (per communication line)
Besides the above, you will also be expected to cover the cost of the software provided upon subscription. If you obtain information from the service indirectly, you will not be required to cover the initial cost.
Monthly fee 240,000 yen (charge for use of information of 230,000 yen+ line maintenance cost of 10,000 yen)
You are advised to make inquires directly with telecommunication carriers about their charges for dedicated communication lines, which are not included in the fee. If you obtain information from the service indirectly, you will not be required to pay the line maintenance cost of 10,000 yen.
Volume charge If you distribute data received through the TDnet Server-Based Service to third parties, a volume charge may apply. Please inquire for further details.


Information Service Dept., Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
TEL: +81-50-3377-7831
e-mail :

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