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Update : Feb. 24, 2012


"Today, the TOPIX closed at ___ points. . ." You may have seen this type of a report on the T.V. news or other media. TOPIX is the acronym for the "TOkyo stock Price IndeX" - a barometer measuring trends in the stock market as a whole, used as a valuable indicator by people who actively invest in stocks. The TOPIX is calculated using 100 points as the value for January 4, 1968, and as this graph illustrates, the index reflects movements in the Japanese economy. Established after World War II in 1949, the Tokyo Stock Exchange is the nerve center of the secondary market for securities. The TSE has laid the foundation of the market necessary for the exchange of negotiable securities, and has played a pivotal role in ensuring the formation of fair prices and smooth circulation. In order to respond to increasingly active trading in the future, we at the TSE are continuously working to improve market confidence and usability.


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