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Examinations regarding mergers, etc. (not being a substantial surviving company) -Realcom Inc.-

Update : Sep. 28, 2011


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

TSE notifies you of the likelihood of an issue entering the grace period as follows.

1. Issue Name Realcom Inc. stock
(Code: 3856, Market Division: Mothers)
2. Likely Grace Period From Nov.29, 2011 (Tue.) to Jun. 30, 2015 (Tue.)
  Provision Securities Listing Regulations, Rule 603, Paragraph 1, Item 6 (according to Securities Listing Regulations, Rule 601, Paragraph 1, Item 9, Sub-item a)
(due to falling under inappropriate merger, etc.)
3. Reason Today, Realcom Inc. (hereafter "the Company") announced that it will make WWB Corp. (an unlisted company) its wholly-owned subsidiary on Nov. 29, 2011 (Tue.) through a stock swap. In the case where such stock swap is conducted, TSE deems that the Company will not be a substantial surviving company. Therefore the stock of the Company will enter a grace period from the effective date of the stock swap.

(Note1) If the Company is deemed to satisfy criteria equivalent to the initial listing criteria before the effective date of such stock swap, the stock of the Company will continue to be listed without entering the grace period. In addition, if the Company is deemed to satisfy criteria equivalent to the initial listing criteria during the grace period, the grace period will be removed, and the stock of the Company will continue to be listed.

(Note2) The decision on whether a company is a "substantial surviving company" is made based on an overall consideration of matters such as (i) management performance and financial state, (ii) executive officer composition and business management organization of such company, (iii) shareholder composition, (iv) trade name or company name, and (v) other matters which are deemed to have a material impact on the listed company due to such action. In general, it is a comparison of superiority of the companies involved in terms of scale, etc. Therefore, this notice is not a decision on the business content or business continuity of such company.

DISCLAIMER: This translation may be used only for reference purposes. This English version is not an official translation of the original Japanese document. In cases where any differences occur between the English version and the original Japanese version, the Japanese version shall prevail. Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc., and/or Tokyo Stock Exchange Regulation shall individually or jointly accept no responsibility or liability for damage or loss caused by any error, inaccuracy, or misunderstanding with regard to this translation.


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