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Public Inspection of Improvement Report -Stream Co., Ltd.-

Update : Apr. 04, 2012


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

An Improvement Report has been made available for public inspection as follows.

1. Company Name Stream Co., Ltd.
(Code: 3071, Market Division: Mothers)
2. Public Inspection Period From Apr. 5, 2012 (Thu.) to Apr. 4, 2017 (Tue.)
  Provision Securities Listing Regulations, Rule 502, Paragraph 4
(Public Inspection of Improvement Report)
3. Reason for Submission On March 19, 2012, Stream Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "the Company") disclosed amendments to the past earnings reports in response to the content of an inspection report received from the third-party committee.
The Company was found to disclose a settlement of accounts which requires material amendments from the fiscal year ending January 2008 to the fiscal year ending January 2011. The Company's senior managing director rigged the amount of purchase rebates to increase and decrease the amount of gross margins on sales and falsely explained to its auditing firm and other related parties that miscalculation on accounts payable was reasonable.
This was a case of insufficient disclosure arising from deficiency in the system and framework in the Company for performing timely disclosure appropriately and improvements to said system and framework are deemed to be significantly required. Therefore, TSE requested the Company to submit a report containing the background to this insufficient disclosure and improvement measures of said system and framework.

* After submission of the Improvement Report by the Company, in addition to making such report available for public inspection in the Information Terrace in TSE Arrows, it will also be made available on the TSE website and through the TDnet database service.
Information on the systems and frameworks regarding Improvement Reports and such reports that are currently available for public inspection can be found on the following page of the TSE website (http://www.tse.or.jp/listing/kaizen/index.html) (available only in Japanese).

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