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Change of Delisting Date, etc. -Jipangu Inc.-

Update : Jul. 24, 2013


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

TSE has changed the delisting date and the period of designation as Securities to Be Delisted as follows.

1. Issue Name Jipangu Inc. stock
(Code: 2684, Market: JASDAQ Standard)
2.Period of Designation as Securities to Be Delisted (Before change) From Jul. 16, 2013 (Tue.) to Aug. 10, 2013 (Sat.)
(After change) From Jul. 16, 2013 (Tue.) to Sep. 10, 2013 (Tue.)
*Jul. 16, 2013 (Tue.) is the date of designation as Securities to be Delisted at Tokyo Stock Exchange
3.Delisting Date (Before change) Aug. 11, 2013 (Sun.)
(After change) Sep. 11, 2013 (Wed.)
(Note) TSE may change the above period of designation as Securities to Be
     Delisted and the Delisting Date if events which will lead to stock
     of the Company being promptly delisted occur.
4. Provision Enforcement Rules for Securities Listing Regulations, Rule 604, Item 10, parentheses
(Change of delisting date due to designation as a Phoenix issue)
5.Reason for Change With regard to Jipangu Inc. stock which will be delisted due to falling under the delisting criteria for inappropriate merger, etc., the Japan Securities Dealers Association has today designated such stock as a Phoenix issue. Due to this, TSE will change the delisting date of such issue to the day on which 2 months counting from the day after the delisting determination date of the issue (Jul. 10, 2013, the delisting determination date at Osaka Securities Exchange) have elapsed.

(Note) There is no change to the reason for delisting and the handling related to exclusion from securities in lieu of money.

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