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New ETF to be Listed on Nov. 29, 2011 (Tue.) - TSE Mothers Core ETF (managed by Simplex Asset Management Co., Ltd.)-

Update : Nov. 11, 2011


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

Today, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) approved the listing of a new ETF managed by Simplex Asset Management Co., Ltd. The ETF will be listed on Tuesday, November 29, 2011.

Code 1563 (ISIN JP3047400001)
Name TSE Mothers Core ETF
Fund Administrator Simplex Asset Management
Listing Date November 29, 2011
Trading Unit 1 unit
Underlying Index Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Core Index

With this listing, there will be a total of 115 ETFs and ETNs listed on the Tokyo market. TSE will continue working to diversify the ETF and ETN market, and improve the convenience of our market for all investors.

Please refer to the page below for information on ETFs listed on the TSE.

Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Core Index

This is a stock price index comprised of 15 common domestic stocks listed on the TSE Mothers market selected by TSE based on criteria such as market capitalization, trading value, net profit and dividends.


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