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TSE to Welcome First Leveraged and Inverse ETFs in Japan -Simplex AM TOPIX Bull 2x ETF / TOPIX Bear -1x ETF-

Update : Mar. 19, 2012


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

Today, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) approved the listings of two new ETFs managed by Simplex Asset Management Co., Ltd. These two issues will be listed on Thursday, April 5, 2012.
The two ETFs will be the first listings of leveraged and inverse ETFs in Japan. They will be listed on the TSE market under the new listing rules and frameworks implemented in March this year.

Name TOPIX Bull 2x ETF TOPIX Bear -1x ETF
Code 1568 ((ISIN)JP3047440007) 1569 ((ISIN)JP3047450006)
Fund Administrator Simplex Asset Management Simplex Asset Management
Listing Date Apr 5, 2012 Apr 5, 2012
Trading Unit 10 unit 10 unit
Underlying Index TOPIX Leveraged (2x) Index TOPIX Inverse (-1x) Index
Pamphlet of TOPIX Bull 2x ETF PDF
Pamphlet of TOPIX Bear -1x ETF PDF

With these listings, there will be a total of 120 ETFs and ETNs listed on the Tokyo market. TSE will continue working to diversify our product lineup, including ETFs and ETNs, from the perspective of offering investors convenient and efficient tools for risk hedging and asset management.

About TOPIX Leveraged and Inverse Indexes

  • Calculated and published by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, these indices apply a multiple to the return of TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index) for the previous day.
  • TOPIX Leveraged and Inverse indexes are calculated and disseminated to media outlets and information vendors in real time (every 15 seconds) to maximize usability for investors of ETFs and other products linked to the indexes.

TOPIX is a representative stock index that illustrates trends in the Japanese stock market, and is used by a majority of institutional investors within Japan and abroad as a benchmark for Japanese equities.


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