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TSE Measures to Support Recovery of Corporations and Regions Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Update : Apr. 15, 2011


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

The Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami along the coast of the Tohoku region caused extensive human and material damage, in addition to significantly affecting corporate activities and performance both in the afflicted regions and the surrounding areas. Widespread infrastructure problems and damaged supply chains have destabilized production, raising concerns of national economic stagnation and a loss of international competitiveness.

Tokyo Stock Exchange, as the central market of Japan, is dedicated to supporting the recovery of the affected companies and regions and contributing to the revitalization of the Japanese economy. TSE is planning on quickly implementing measures toward this goal, as outlined in the attachment. One of these measures is adjusting the listing rules to allow flexible handling of companies whose business was impaired by the disaster. These adjustments include both compliance matters for listed companies and examination of candidates for initial listing. TSE will also promote the listing of financial products closely tied to recovery efforts, thereby improving access to fund-raising for companies and supporting the revitalization of Japan.

"TSE Measures to Support Recovery of Corporations and Regions Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake" (English) PDF

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