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Decision on Delisting, etc. - DesignEXchange Co.,Ltd. -

Update : Mar. 31, 2011


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

Delisting of the following issue has been determined and it has been designated as Securities to Be Delisted.

1. Delisting and Designation as Securities to Be Delisted

1. Issue DesignEXchange Co.,Ltd. stocks
(Code: 4794, Market: Mothers)
2. Securities to Be Delisted    Designation Period From Mar. 31, 2011 (Thu.) to Apr. 30, 2011 (Sat.)
3. Delisting Date May 01, 2011 (Sun.)
(Note) In cases where any event requiring prompt delisting occurs, TSE may change the above designation period and delisting date.
4. Provision Securities Listing Regulations, Rule 603, Paragraph 1, Item 5, Sub-item a
5. Reason Due to the market capitalization falling below the required amount (JPY 300 million) prescribed in the delisting criteria and not meeting such required amount (JPY 300 million) within 9 months.

2. Exclusion from Securities in Lieu of Money

Stocks of the same company will be excluded from securities in lieu of money for the following items from Apr. 01, 2011 (Fri.) inclusive.
- Customer margin for margin trading and when-issued transactions
- Trading margin for when-issued transactions
- Trading participant security money
- Participant bond

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