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Commencement of ETF (Exchange Trade Fund) Weekly Report Publication

Update : Mar. 10, 2011


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. ("TSE") will begin publicizing a "Weekly Report" on all ETFs listed on TSE in order to expand investment information on ETFs.

The report provides a clear explanation on each ETF as well as a variety of useful investment information, including dividend distribution information on ETFs that many investors have requested, historical data for market value and underlying indices, and portfolios or a chart on the status of component issues of underlying indices.

TSE will continue working to increase convenience for investors.

【Outline of Weekly Report】
Scheduled Publication Commencement Date Monday, March 28, 2011
* The English translation version is scheduled to be publicized on Monday, April 11, 2011.
ETFs subject to Publication All ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) listed on TSE
Publication Method Available on the TSE website
Timing of Update At 6:00p.m. on Mondays as a general rule
Content of the Report ・Outline of the ETF(s)
・Historical chart of market value
・Market information
・Advance /decline ratio
・Portfolio information
・Investment performance
・Past dividend distribution data
・Other basic information
Language Japanese and English
Sample PDF
  • (*)[Disclaimer]
    TSE publicizes the Weekly Report ("Report") provided by Marco Polo XTF Japan ("Company") and all rights with respect to the content of said Report belong to the Company.

    The Report is solely aimed at providing information to investors. It is not material disclosed under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act or intended to be prepared and publicized to solicit investment or promote trading with specified financial instruments firms, etc.

    TSE assumes no responsibility or liability for the suitability, accuracy, timeliness, etc. of said Report. TSE may stop publicizing it due to system errors or at its own judgment. In addition, TSE, ETF management companies, and the Company take no responsibility or liability for any conduct or damages which may arise from the use of said Report.


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