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Launch of TSE and JASDEC's Joint Service Enhancement of Corporate Action Information Service

Update : Feb. 24, 2014


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

Since concluding a basic agreement in May 2012 (*), Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. ("TSE") and Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc. ("JASDEC") have been working on a joint project to enhance information services pertaining to corporate action("CA information") , etc. based on the Tokyo Market Information system operated by TSE.
Based on this initiative, TSE has started distributing the following CA information from February 24, 2014 (Mon.).
This is the first joint project between TSE and JASDEC outside the settlement business field.

(1) Data feed services for domestic stock CA information via ISO20022
(2) Basic information for corporate bonds, etc. (JASDEC-related issues), investment trusts (public offering), corporate bonds with subscription warrants, subscription warrants, and foreign stocks handled by JASDEC via XML format

With the launch of this new service, TSE and JASDEC are taking the lead in the Asian region as securities infrastructure providers across the world move toward ISO20022 compliant data distribution services. TSE and JASDEC believe that the service enhancement will facilitate STP (straight-through processing) of CA information and basic securities information and enhance the overall competitiveness of the Japanese securities market.

(Attachment)Main feature of the new and improved service about CA information PDF
Reference1 Summary of CA information and Master File via TMI PDF
Reference2 Information via XML format PDF
Reference3 ISO 20022 CA notification image PDF


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