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Shorter interval for dissemination of TOPIX, etc. from today

Update : Sep. 13, 2010


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

Shorter interval for dissemination of TOPIX, etc. from today

The Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has today trimmed the interval of real-time dissemination of TOPIX, and its sub-indices(“Indices”)*1 to securities firms, news media, information vendors, etc. through the Market Information System from 15 seconds to 1 second *2.

 TOPIX, etc. are widely used as indicators of price movements in the Tokyo stock market. With this improvement, these indices will reflect market movements in a more timely manner, thereby enhancing their function as indicators.

In addition, the TSE plans to launch a new High-Speed Index Dissemination Service in February 2011, which provides millisecond-level distribution of TOPIX and other indices calculated and published by the TSE.

*1 Indices: TOPIX, TOPIX Core30, TOPIX 500, TOPIX 1000
*2 After this improvement, indices calculated by TSE other than those mentioned above will be disseminated at the same 15-second interval as currently employed.


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