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TSE begins tentative calculation and publication of "TSE Home Price Indices"

Update : Mar. 04, 2011


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) is pleased to announce that we will begin tentative calculation and publication of the "TSE Home Price Indices" from April 26, 2011, which are designed to represent used condominium price trends in the Tokyo Metro Area.
TSE Home Price Indices are the first indices in Japan based on price change information of equivalent properties registered in the REAL ESTATE INFORMATION NETWORK FOR EAST JAPAN. This index series will be one of the most informative indicators regarding property price trends and is expected to stimulate the property investment market, including that for J-REITs. In addition, this will make it possible to compare price trends in Japanese and foreign used condominiums.

1. Outline of Indices

Index name TSE Home Price Index (Used Condominium, Composite of Tokyo Metro Area)
TSE Home Price Index (Used Condominium, Tokyo)
TSE Home Price Index (Used Condominium, Kanagawa)
TSE Home Price Index (Used Condominium, Chiba)
TSE Home Price Index (Used Condominium, Saitama)
* Newly built condominiums are not included in the above indices.
Index Calculation Method The value of index is calculated based on a combination of contractual prices of equivalent properties.(Repeat Sales Method)
Base of underlying index 100 points as of January, 2000
Start of Calculation April 26, 2011
Frequency of Calculation Monthly(Index value are published with a two month lag.)
Publication of Index Value Published on the TSE homepage around 4:00PM JST on the last Tuesday of each month.

2. Disclaimer

TSE Home Price Index (Condominium, Composite of Tokyo Metro Area), TSE Home Price Index (Condominium, Tokyo), TSE Home Price Index (Condominium, Chiba), TSE Home Price Index (Condominium, Kanagawa) and TSE Home Price Index (Condominium, Saitama) are intellectual properties that belong to TSE.
TSE currently does not provide license to create financial instruments using the values of TSE Home Price Indices, including historical values, due to their tentative calculation and publication status.
TSE will announce separately when it will terminate the tentative calculation and publication status.
Also, when using TSE Home Price Indices in printed material, books, web site and so on, please indicate the source as TSE.

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