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Calculation and Publication of New Index for Companies with Exposure to the Asian Region: "TOPIX Active in Asia"

Update : Jul. 29, 2011


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

In response to the various indexing needs of our market participants, the TSE will begin calculating and publishing the "TOPIX Active in Asia" index, which focuses on companies that have a high degree of exposure to the Asian region.

TOPIX Active in Asia is a price index whose constituents are selected based on the proportion of sales made in Asia.

1. Outline

Index name TOPIX Active in Asia Index
Anticipated Launch Date Fall, 2011
Total Return Index Available
Calculation Interval Disseminated to securities companies, information vendors, etc. in real time (i.e. every 15 seconds) through the Market Information System (MAINS) (price index only).
Dissemination Through TMI Service Provided through the TOPIX data service (new DFS service).

2. Index Usage

As this index is produced in collaboration with a partner company, this partner will be given priority with respect to the acquisition of a license for usage in ETFs (please refer to "Process for Acquiring a License for Domestic ETFs" dated on April 21, 2008 for more information [Japanese only])


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