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Provision of New Service (TSE Market Impact View (βversion))

Update : Dec. 13, 2011


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

In addition to the high speed and extensive data already provided by the TSE, we will begin offering an innovative new web service - "TSE Market Impact View (β version) - which converts mass quantities of data into easy to understand, more visible analytical information.

The TSE is offering a free trial of TSE Market Impact View for a limited time during the trial phase.

1. Service Features

With the real-time analyses of TSE Market Impact View, users can:

- Get an intuitive understanding of whether the orders for the stock they are trading
are biased towards bids or offers

- Select stocks for which orders are biased on the upside (downside)

- Observe the bid/offer order bias for a number of different stocks as a whole

- Select stocks for which the order book is deep and prices are less volatile
(i.e. high liquidity)

2. Usage of the Service details

Please access the following URL for an outline of the service and to issue your ID.

3. Launch Date

December 13, 2011


Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. Information Services Dept.
TEL: +81-3-3665-1355

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