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TSE to Begin Calculation and Publication of TOPIX Ex-Financials Indexes and ETF License Application starts

Update : Jun. 26, 2013


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

 In response to the various indexing needs of our market participants, the Tokyo Stock Exchange will begin calculating and publishing the “TOPIX Ex-Financials” which except for the ” Banks”,” Securities and Commodities Futures”,” Insurance “,“ Other Financing Business” sector from TOPIX.

1. Outline

Index name TOPIX Ex-Financials
Calculation Method free-float adjusted market capitalization-weighted
Projected Launch Date September 2, 2013
Base Date/Base Value July 5, 1993 1,000 points
Total Return Index Available
Calculation Interval
Data provide
Price return index : Disseminated to securities companies, information vendors, etc. in real time (i.e. every 15 seconds) through the Market Information System (MAINS)
Total return index : Provided closing price through the Tokyo Market Information service (TMI)

2. Index Usage

A license is required to use these indices for the purpose of composing various financial products.
TSE is now accepting license applications for ETFs based on this index for the following period. 

*License Application Period:  From July 1st to July 31th of 2013

*Contact: Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. Information Services Dept.

Please refer to the following page, “TOPIX License” for details:


Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. Information Services Dept.
TEL: +81-50-3377-7754

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