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Release of the "Discussion Paper Regarding the Extension of Trading Hours"

Update : Jul. 26, 2010


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

Today, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) released the "Discussion Paper Regarding the Extension of Trading Hours".

TSE is engaged in initiatives to improve the convenience and reliability of the market, in order to better support the wealth-building of all people according to their varying life plans and become a vibrant destination for international investment assets (risk money).
Recently, remarkable changes have been occurring in the environment surrounding the securities market. The needs market users have of our exchange market are also constantly evolving. Under such circumstances TSE has received comments from users requesting an extension of trading hours.
Regarding this extension, there are comments citing the benefits of increased trading opportunities from the perspective of market user convenience. Meanwhile, there are also opinions that, depending on methods of expansion, current market practices, etc. would need to be greatly altered, thus increasing costs overall and possibly decreasing efficiency. TSE believes that this should be pursued while maintaining an awareness of market users' opinions and comparing the costs and needs of the market overall.
As in the past, when TSE has periodically sought the opinions of market users regarding trading hours, we are releasing a discussion paper regarding specific measures to extend the trading hours and the primary issues for such measures in order to reassess the needs of such users and other factors relating to this topic and support TSE's deliberations. We are seeking responses from a wide variety of related parties regarding the measures and primary issues related to the extension of the trading hours, and will continue deliberations based on comments and opinions received.
We will be accepting public comments regarding this discussion paper from the current date until September 10th. Please refer to the discussion paper for details.

“Discussion Paper Regarding the Extension of Trading Hours”(English) PDF
“Discussion Paper Regarding the Extension of Trading Hours”(Japanese) PDF

Please refer to the following link for the Public Comment page (Japanese).

The ideas presented in this discussion paper do not necessarily represent the current opinions and plans of TSE.


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