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Expansion of daily price limit - Daily price limit will be expanded - LTT Bio-Pharma Co., Ltd.

Update : Apr. 06, 2011


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

LTT Bio-Pharma Co., Ltd. (Code: 4566) has fallen under the following (1) or (2) for three consecutive business days. As such, TSE wishes to bring to your attention that it will expand only the lower daily price limit on the next day (April 7) as follows.

(1) The lower daily price limit is reached and trading volume is 0 without conducting allocation at the lower daily price limit
(2) Trading volume remains at 0 shares until the end of the afternoon session, trades are executed at the lower daily price limit at the close of the afternoon session with offers remaining at the lower daily price limit.

Lower daily price limit: 2,000 yen (Upper limit will remain 1,000 yen as per normal)
Base price: 5,930 yen; Upper daily price limit: 6,930 yen; Lower daily price limit: 3,930 yen

(Note 1) If a trade is executed at a price other than the lower daily price limit on or after April 7, TSE will return the daily price limits to normal (i.e., the daily price limits will continue to be expanded if trading is only executed at the lower daily limit price, or the trading session ends with a quote displayed at the lower daily limit price without any trade being executed).
(Note 2) Please note that a market order may be executed at an unexpected price due to the expanded daily price limits.
(Note 3) Other listed markets: None

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