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Extension of Temporary Measures related to Short-Selling Restrictions and Acquisition of Own-Shares

Update : Apr. 28, 2011


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

Recently the Financial Services Agency announced an extension until October 31, 2011 of the following temporary measures related to short-selling restrictions originally set until April 30, 2011(*1).
(1) Prohibition of short-selling in which stocks are not borrowed at the time of selling (Naked Short Selling)
(2) Requirement for holders of a short position of a certain level or more (in principle, 0.25 percent or more of the total number of issued shares) to report to exchanges through securities firms and requirement for exchanges to publicly disclose such information

We thank all trading participants for continuing to submit reports regarding short-sale balance information to TSE.
 Additionally, easing measures for market regulations related to own-share acquisition by listed companies shall be extended to October 31, 2011.

(*1)For details, please refer to the Financial Services Agency’s website.


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