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Removal of daily price limits of bids and offers pertaining to stocks of SHICOH Co.,LTD.

Update : Aug. 13, 2012


[Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.]

 TSE has decided on the following items for SHICOH Co.,LTD. (Code: 6667) pursuant to the provisions of Rule 2, Paragraph 2, Item 3 of the Rules Concerning Price Limits on Bids and Offers.

1. Daily price limits of bids and offers
TSE will not apply daily price limits on bids and offers from August 14 (Tue.) until the day the first contract price is determined (accepted order prices shall be 29,890 yen or below).

2. Indication price of the first Special Quotes
Indication price of the first Special Quotes will be determined by exchange based the balance of bids and offers (the price shall be 500 yen or above), regardless of closing price of previous day.

3. Renewal of Special Quotes
Special Quotes will be renewed based on normal price intervals, at intervals of 3 minutes.

4. Allocation at the daily price limit
If the afternoon session ends with a sell Special Quote displayed at 1 yen or a buy Special Quote displayed at 29,890 yen, allocation at the daily price limit will be conducted.

 Due to the removal of the daily price limits, depending on the order situation, there may be cases where trading is executed at unexpected prices in comparison with normal cases. TSE requests that you make all possible efforts to notify your clients.


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