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Tokyo Stock Exchange will Launch Co-Location Service

Update : Aug. 26, 2008



Tokyo, August 26, 2008 -- Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. (TSE) has announced its decision today to introduce the "TSE Co-Location Service" at its data center. This service is designed to further enhance market convenience for investors and trading participants.

The TSE will introduce 2 new trading systems as a response to changes in the development of financial engineering and information technology, as well as the increasing speed of trading systems. The new systems, the Tdex+ new options trading platform, and arrowhead, next generation cash equity matching engine, will boast higher capacity, throughput, and offer extremely rapid response time. The TSE will also launch arrownet, a new integrated ring network with 2 access points connected to the data center, which will enable extraordinarily fast and high volume data communication.

As applications with automated order placing functions have become popular for market users like trading participants, the demand for such co-location service has also increased. To meet this demand, the TSE created an internal project team to conduct intensive discussions and examinations into launching a co-location service at the data center on the same day as the inauguration of the Tdex+ system

The co-location service will be available when the Tdex+ and arrowhead are introduced, and then for the derivatives trading system following connections with arrownet.

In accordance with this decision, the TSE will set up a "Co-Location Service Promotion Group" on September 1, 2008 in the IT Services Department. This group will be responsible for sales promotion and service planning related to the co-location service. The Co-Location Service Promotion Group and other related departments within the TSE will conduct further examinations of the detailed contents of the co-location service at the TSE data center. The TSE then plans to publish this information in the "Guideline for Co-Location Service" by late November, 2008.

In addition, in order to meet the broad demands of market users, the TSE has been in discussions with NTT Communications Corporation about providing customer connectivity service at the TSE arrownet access point. NTT Communications Corporation will thus operate data center at the TSE arrownet access point, which is planned to be launched in early 2009.

<<Outline of Co-Location Service>>
Items Contents
Service Co-Location Service for TSE trading participants with rack cabinets provided by TSE at TSE data center.
Trading System Tdex+, arrowhead, derivatives (futures), market data distribution system
Power Supply 2 × 200V-30A and 2 × 100V-20A per cabinet. (planned)
Optional additional power (planned)
Cooling 4KVA maximum per cabinet (planned)
Specification of Cabinet W700 × D1100 × H2200 (47U)
Rental Unit of Cabinet 1 cabinet (planned)
Operation TSE will not conduct any operation nor supervision of devices of customers.
Physical access by customers at TSE data ceter will be prohibited for its security purpose.
Service Desk 24/7 Service Desk will be available.

(Note) Any content described herewith is subject to change.

"Co-Location" is a service that minimizes the latency between trading participants' and other market users' devices like automated order placement servers and systems of trading venues such as exchanges, by allowing market users to install their devices at data centers and/or network access points of trading venues to minimize the physical distance between data centers and/or network access points and market users' devices.

"Tdex+" is the nickname of the TSE's new options trading platform, which is planned to be launched in July 2009 to strengthen system functions and enhance the liquidity of the TSE options market. All option products listed on the TSE such as securities options, index options, and options on Japanese Government Bond (JGB) futures will be traded on the Tdex+.

"arrowhead" is the nickname of the next generation trading system, which has been developed and is planned to be launched in late 2009 with faster response time, greater reliability, and more flexible expandability.

"arrownet" is the nickname of the new integrated network, which will utilize state-of-the-art technology to support the Tdex+ and arrowhead platforms., arrownet will be a robust network, achieving extraordinarily fast and high volume data communication and enabling operations to continue at TSE back-up site in case of disaster. Furthermore, the TSE believes that this arrownet network will offer greater expandability and flexibility regarding inter-networking with overseas institutions.


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