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2011/03/31Removal of Grace Period pertaining to Delisting -DDS,Inc.-
2011/03/31Decision on Delisting, etc. -DesignEXchange Co.,Ltd.-
2011/03/31Trading Conditions (Outlook & Initial Figures) Fiscal Year 2010
2011/03/30Entry into Grace Period pertaining to Delisting -C&I Holdings Co.,Ltd.-
2011/03/30Reassignment to 2nd Section from 1st Section -C&I Holdings Co.,Ltd.-
2011/03/30Fixing the Grace Period pertaining to Delisting -LCA Holdings Corporation-
2011/03/29Notice on Revision of Trading Halt etc.
2011/03/29Base prices and daily price limits for newly listing stocks
2011/03/29Release of the REIT Price Information List!
2011/03/28Ex-Dividend, Ex-Rights, etc. for the Fiscal Year ending March 2011
2011/03/25Decision on Delisting, etc. -Link One Co., Ltd.-
2011/03/25Revocation of Listing Approval -AvanStrate Inc.-
2011/03/24State Street Global Advisors (Japan) Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. announce SPDR(R) S&P500(R) Exchange Traded Fund in Tokyo
2011/03/23Concerning handling of the financial announcement, etc. in consideration of the earthquake off the Pacific coast of the Tohoku (North East) region
2011/03/22Alteration of Listing Market (to 1st Section from Mothers) -WOWOW INC.-
2011/03/22"Medium Term Management Plan (For FY2011 to FY2013)"Drawn Up
2011/03/22Establishment of Sales Unit
2011/03/17Assignment to 1st Section from 2nd Section -Daito Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.-
2011/03/16Base prices and daily price limits for newly listing stocks
2011/03/16Cancellation of Designation of Securities Under Supervision (Confirmation) -Link One Co. Ltd.-
2011/03/15To All Investors and Trading Participants
2011/03/15Assignment to 1st Section from 2nd Section -TOKAI Corp.-
2011/03/14Evening Session for TSE derivatives on March 14th
2011/03/14AIMA has decided to postpone Annual Forum.
2011/03/14Regarding Today's Trading Sessions(March 14th, 2011)
2011/03/14Regarding the "Tohoku district-off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake"
2011/03/13Regarding Tomorrow's Trading Sessions
2011/03/13Regarding Tomorrow's Trading Sessions
2011/03/10Commencement of ETF (Exchange Trade Fund) Weekly Report Publication
2011/03/10Nikko Asset Management and Tokyo Stock Exchange announce Listing of the "Listed Index Fund Nikkei China Related 50" Total of 100 ETFs are listed on the Tokyo market
2011/03/10Regarding Media Reports on the Management Integration
2011/03/04TSE begins tentative calculation and publication of “TSE Home Price Indices”
2011/03/04SPDR® S&P500® ETF Trust to be Listed (managed by State Street Bank and Trust Company)
2011/03/03Calculation of TOPIX in relation to shares of TOKAI Holdings Corporation
2011/03/03Assignment to 1st Section from 2nd Section -KUSURI NO AOKI CO.,LTD.-
2011/03/02TOKYO AIM Announces Draft Rules for the TOKYO PRO-BOND Market
2011/03/02NYSE Euronext and Tokyo Stock Exchange To Explore Network Linkage
2011/03/01Removal of Grace Period pertaining to Delisting(Criteria for Market Capitalization)-Link One Co.,Ltd.-
2011/03/01Trading Conditions (Outlook & Initial Figures) February 2011

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