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2012/04/27Entry into Grace Period pertaining to Delisting - Japaninvest Group plc -
2012/04/27mini-TOPIX index futures trading hits a record high today
2012/04/27New ETFs Included in Real-Time Dissemination of "TSE Indicative NAV"
2012/04/26Entry into Grace Period pertaining to Delisting - ISHII HYOKI CO.,LTD. -
2012/04/24TSE publish the index value of TSE Home Price Index for February.
2012/04/20Assignment to 1st Section from 2nd Section - GROWELL HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. -
2012/04/20Handling of daily price limits (Daily price limits will not be expanded) -Meiwa Corporation-
2012/04/20Cancellation of Designation as Security on Alert -ARDEPRO Co., Ltd.-
2012/04/19Expansion of daily price limits (preliminary notice) -Meiwa Corporation-
2012/04/18Release of "TSE Magazine 'Evolving Japan'" Issue #2
2012/04/16Revocation of Listing Approval - AvanStrate Inc. -
2012/04/12Removal of Grace Period pertaining to Reassignment to the 2nd Section from the 1st Section - Daito Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. -
2012/04/12Memorandum of Understanding with Central Bank of Myanmar pertaining to Support for Establishing a Securities Exchange
2012/04/11Distribution of "Market Information Usage Policy (August 1st, 2012 Version)"
2012/04/06Decision on Delisting, etc. -NEXT JAPAN HOLDINGS COMPANY, LIMITED-
2012/04/05Listing of Japan's First Leveraged/Inverse ETFs -Simplex AM TOPIX Bull 2x ETF/ TOPIX Bear -1x ETF-
2012/04/04Public Inspection of Improvement Report -Stream Co., Ltd.-
2012/04/04Base prices and daily price limits for newly listing ETFs
2012/04/04ETF/ETN Monthly Report for March 2012
2012/04/03Trading Conditions (Outlook & Initial Figures) Fiscal Year 2011
2012/04/02Removal of Grace Period pertaining to Delisting - inspec Inc. -
2012/04/02Decision on Delisting, etc. -SANSUI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.-

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