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2012/09/28Removal of Grace Period pertaining to Delisting - Realcom Inc. -
2012/09/28mini-TOPIX index futures trading hits a record high today
2012/09/28Assignment to 1st Section from 2nd Section - Financial Products Group Co.,Ltd. -
2012/09/26Fixing the Grace Period pertaining to Delisting - inspec Inc. -
2012/09/26Base prices and daily price limits for newly listing stocks
2012/09/25TSE has published the index value of TSE Home Price Index for July.
2012/09/24Decision on Delisting, etc. -VeriSign Japan K.K.-
2012/09/24Revocation of Initial Listing Approval - TSUBAKI NAKASHIMA CO.,LTD. -
2012/09/21TSE Announces "Looking at Companies Through Patent Valueā€¯
2012/09/21Removal of Grace Period pertaining to Reassignment to the 2nd Section from the 1st Section - CVS Bay Area Inc. -
2012/09/21Capital Market Seminar "The Evolving Japanese Capital Markets"
2012/09/19TSE Market Impact View Report, "Results of TSE Market Impact View Trading Simulation" Now Available
2012/09/19Assignment to 1st Section from 2nd Section - MAEDA KOSEN CO.,LTD. -
2012/09/19Cancellation of Designation of Securities Under Supervision (Confirmation) as well as Public Announcement Measure and Request for Improvement Report -Oki Electric Industry Company, Limited-
2012/09/18TSE Imposes Disciplinary Action against TAKAGI SECURITIES CO., LTD.
2012/09/18Decision on Market Division of Issue whose Listing Market is Altered - Livesense Inc. -
2012/09/18Assignment to 1st Section from 2nd Section - SPACE CO.,LTD. -
2012/09/12Regarding News Reports
2012/09/11ETF/ETN Monthly Report for Aug 2012
2012/09/10TSE to Begin Calculating and Publishing Currency Hedged Indices with Daily Hedging
2012/09/07TSE Announces "Looking at Companies Through an ESG Lens"
2012/09/07Alteration of Listing Market (from Mothers, Market Div. to be Determined) - Livesense Inc.-
2012/09/06Public Inspection of Improvement Status Report-Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.-
2012/09/05Calculation of TOPIX in relation to shares of Nisshin Steel Holdings Co.,Ltd. etc.
2012/09/05Change of base price of The Dow Chemical Company (Code: 4850)
2012/09/03Trading Overview and Preliminary Figures for August 2012
2012/09/03Changes in the Industrial Classifications for Listed Companies

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